Construction Setouts

What is a setout?

A House Setout is provided to trades to identify where the soon to be built House will sit on the block. Every new house will have setback measurements showing where the House will sit compared to the front boundary, and where it will sit on both sides of the boundary. This will be required by Council before they accept the drawings. Once the drawings are approved we can complete the Setout using the Site Plan, Ground Floor Plan and Subdivision/Title Plan. The Site Plan is a plan looking from above the block, show the setback measurements that Council agrees with.

The Ground Floor Plan shows the exact measurements of every room, including Garages, entries and Alfrescos. The Subdivision/Title Plan will show the block dimensions, which is critical in ensuring that the House will fit on the block. This also will show us where the Survey Pegs should be. A Survey Peg is a peg which identifies where the block starts and finishes which is provided by a Land Surveyor and this is provided on EVERY block, and if they are not onsite, we can complete a Resurvey. If you are building on an old block, it is recommended to get a Re-establishment Survey to ensure that any existing fencing is in the correct position.

Resurvey/Re-establishments Reports

What is Resurvey?

A Resurvey is needed where one or all of the original Survey Pegs are missing and need replacing to confirm where the boundary starts and finishes.

What is a Re-establishment Survey?

A Re-establishment Survey is where a Surveyor investigates where the original Title/Boundary was when the block was originally subdivided, and re-instates the Boundaries by putting Survey marks onsite.